Final Cut Steak & Seafood
Restaurant @ Hollywood Casino - Columbus
"Autumn Buchholz"
Six of us went to this for a friends 21st Birthday walked up and was told we had to wait 10 minutes to be seated. That's fine but once we got seated and looked around the place was nearly empty! We ordered and got our food, waiters all very nice and helpful. Food was delicious and drinks were great! Finally came time to get the bill, or so we thought... we waited nearly 45 minutes for the bill. Due to the computer system going down they kept us sitting there until they got it back up and running. Which after that long they said they still had to run our cards "old school." I asked TWICE, one of which to the manager for some sort of compensation. I suggested 10 percent, or one drink taken off each bill or one side to be taken off the bill. The MANAGER said he couldn't do that. It wasn't the restaurants fault it was the storms fault the computer went down... So we sat and sat listening to everyone have fun and gamble while waiting for them to get the computer up and after 45 minutes they still just copied or wrote down our card info... I believe the manager didn't want to do this due to our age... we are all young and didn't know some of the lingo in the restaurant but we where not rude in anyway and did now get rowdy or loud. Finally after we have gave our cards and got the final receipts they decided to offer a free desert. Oh wow gee thanks after me asking twice in the 45 minutes and we are finally about to spend money at the casino like we wanted and they wanna keep us longer? Why on earth was that not offered earlier? Why couldn't the manager hit the minus button on the screen for the sides or an employee 10 percent discount? In other words, DON'T go here if you want to drink and play at the casino. They will keep you hostage and it's not their fault.