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Jun 4 '18 at 5:12
Me and my husband always come in the bar we have never had any issue with any bartender. Until today we order an order of bourbon wings which came in a meal and a side order of fries to go. When my husband brought the wings home and we started to eat I bit into one wing and it was gummy and smelled like they cook dirty chicken in dirty grease. And I also noticed the wing was battered in flour and fried. So I immediately called the location on Ann road to explain to the lady Westley the situation with my food.she argued me on the phone not even listening to what the customer was trying to express to her she displayed poor customer service and it seems like this is not the first time someone has reported her. So I told her I was on my way to show her how poorly her food was served to the customer. When I arrived I showed her how the chicken was battered and how pink and gummy the chicken was and she still argued with me and said she was calling the police and denied me my money back. Like I Express we were normal regular customers with no issues ever and I will never go back to a place that doesn't respect and value customer service I will also spread the word. If you value your establishment you need to rectify the situation immediately. Signed a used to be loyal customer