The Diner The Diner
Restaurant @ ThistleDown Racino
"Sharae Jackson"
Jack thistledown the wonderful place to go when you just want to hang out with your girlfriends sit back and relax listen to some music jazz a fast upbeat you want to get your workout on go to Jack's Casino Jack thistledown Casino the slot machines they have a pretty nice but I really love the music the people are very friendly there the food is wonderful and you get to meet and greet people from all over and they're very nice keep up the good work Jack thistledown and by the way if you ever go visit please stop by in the back area where the other fries and burgers for 799 it is great seasoned fries are 299 or a dollar but don't quote me on it just go there and eat them who will be like oh my God this is so awesome so this will Jack doesn't get thumbs up for me want to go out hang out with your friends and just have a nice time in the chair down go to Jack thistledown you won't regret it keep up the good work.