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Jun 13 '18 at 22:58

Fraser Downs Racetrack and Casino

Great place to interact w/#Horses -the #racetrack in front of #casino here showcases tremendous equine #athletes w/unparalleled abilities & a charismatic array of personalities - as the sentient human animal who's been blessed w/the opportunity to be graced w/any horse's presence knows, whether they race, are partners (shout out to my greatest teachers & role models) or the most patient of the transcendental beings who selflessly babysit/tolerate the majority of humans who aren't respectful due to envy/resentment of the subservient position of the bipedals, magical interactions are possible here, if even just to observe from the window for those limited for whatever reason . Caveat: Too many humans here in comparison, however-beware of these peculiar animals who can be dangerous when gambling, doing ethanol (aka "drinking" - in moderation this is fine like any drug but many overindulge and/or come here to abuse this most common of #decriminalized #drugs - just try to relax, have fun & try to have a horse chaperone (I'm lucky to have a big strong stallion and a tough mare but not blessed like me unfortunately) - *whinny*