Grotto Grotto
Restaurant @ Golden Nugget - Atlantic City
"Jo N."
Italian-American food & gnocchi My boyfriend took me to the Golden Nugget in Atlantic City during the first week of March 2018 and we had dinner at the Grotto one of those nights. I must admit that the meal I had at the Grotto was the one I least appreciated from all the meals I had during our stay at the Golden Nugget. I ordered the Gnocchi con Pancetta e Funghi and was hugely disappointed. (I love gnocchi and I love gorgonzola!) My gnocchi had been microwaved so the gorgonzola cheese sauce was not nice and creamy and smooth but instead the gnocchi were actually swimming in 'OIL and GREASE' and the gnocchi were a bit rubbery! (Yes, I tried it despite the appearance.) For my personal tastes the dish was awful and literally stomach-turning upon eating a forkful. (I can't eat food swimming around in oil and grease like that, I'm sorry.) I can't even remember the red wine I had.... I didn't want my poor boyfriend to get upset because he was trying so hard to make me happy so I just said I was still too full from lunch to eat the pasta and said nothing to the waiter. My boyfriend however enjoyed his meal--whatever he had (I couldn't even look at his food after tasting my gnocchi.) Such a shame....