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Jan 29 '18 at 8:07

Fitzy's Waterford Sports Bar

I ordered the rib fillet medium rare and it came out clearly under cooked (blue). I mean, 3/4 of this thing was raw meat! I brought it to one of the staff's attention and asked if he could cook it a little longer, as it was too under cooked. He wasn't concerned with how under-done it looked suggesting "would you like it closer to medium". I was surprised with his lack of concern with how raw it was, however I agreed as my steak couldn't possibly return any LESS cooked.... He showed up with a fresh new piece. After 3 bites it was clear it was as blue as the first. I showed the rest of my family I was dining with and they were all disgusted, claiming it's clearly inedible. I could not be bothered dealing with the staff member again and left with most of the steak still on the plate. We won't return.