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"Seth Sawyer"
I've have lived here for 3 years have had non stop problems. Security they have chosen to hire does not do their job and even vandalized my car by using stickers to basically tape my driver side door shut. They insisted that my registration was expired and thought they had the right to touch my car because if it. No my registration was not expired and even reflected in the sticker on my car. I ended up arguing with the women in the office who could not be more rude and insisted they won't be paying to fix my car. Well the law suite will dictate that. Constant power outages from Seattle city lights as well as improper care of power lines that caused a fire in the wire tunnel. there were 2 fires in my building both of which I had to call 911. One of which happened in the apartment under mine. The man who lives their overdosed and set his apartment on fire. They have a whole maintenance staff but only one of them Chris does any work and he is fantastic but the office won't approve him to do any real upkeep work since is costs money. When I first moved in their were burns all over the carpet and you don't want to know what the vacuum took out of the rest of the carpet. Packages are constantly stolen regardless of having notes on my door not to leave packages in front. During the winter since it's on a hill their is a slope and it freezes over the apartment does not put down any salt to ensure the safety of residents and the cars that go up and down, slip and slide all over the place and people get to play bumper cars on in the parking lot. I saw way to many cars get damaged. Drug deals go on and the clients park in the fire lanes and even block the street. Sometimes for hours. Something most residents complain about they they to nothing about and security also never shows up when called. They have a 3 day parking rule where they are supposed to tow away cars that don't move but they won't tow away the junk cars that don't even have doors yet alone the cars with 4 flat tires that look like they need to be recycled. The women who work's in the office is awful she has no capability to be or feel human and refuses to fix or clean anything. Building 3 has a big mold problem and she refuses to fix it and makes people live in the mold, and then threatens fines and fees if you try to argue with her. She also lost a rent check and attempted to blame is on me; and when the guy who lived under me set his apartment on fire she gave me a corrective action who calling the police and blamed me for the fire department busting down his door to put out the fire, Pictures attached. She is awful and I curse her name all the time. My advise stay away from Veranda Green and any apartment complex managed by the Neider's Company The only good part of this place is the fact that I get a washer, dryer, and dishwasher for the rent costs but for the amount of danger and disrespect i got at this place i would not recommend it to anyone.