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May 23 '18 at 20:50

Ocean's 11 Sports Lounge

I don't typically take the time to write reviews but I felt that this was one that needed to be done to inform others so hopefully this doesn't happen to anyone else. My boyfriend and I were on vacation and we decided to stop by Oceans Eleven Casino. Their parking lot was full when we arrived and we were told by Joseph who is a security officer who works at the casino to park in the lot directly across from the casino. When we left the casino around 1:30am we discovered that our car had been towed. We had to pay $26 to get to Pacific Towing and we had to pay an additional $385 to get the car out. When we went back the following day to plead our case we were given the run around by multiple employees. The person in charge at the time was named Kathy and she was able to pin point exactly when the incident occurred and who was responsible for misleading us thanks to their security cameras. After multiple days of calling and waiting for a response we received a call stating that Ocean's Eleven had no intention of refunding us the money for the incident. I don't plan on returning to Ocean's Eleven Casino and I hope this review will help inform others.