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Jun 26 '18 at 22:53

Tim Horton's

This is less a reflection on the employees but on the owners. As a former employee, it isn't a good place to work, as dealing with the owners is incredibly stressful, in my experience. This led to a high turnover rate, with, to my memory, 6 managers and over 30 employees coming and going in the 15 months I was there. The turnover rate and the fact that I saw the same problems from manager to manager to manager, with the owners refusing to solve the problems, led to my termination, as I became frustrated with having to deal with the fallout of their decisions, and said things I shouldn't have to people I shouldn't have. The owners are incredibly involved in the store, which is the main problem. If they would let their managers manage, I think a lot of the problems would be solved. Lots of the staff leave or are fired after very shortly after starting, which leads to many of the problems that other reviewers have noted, like slow service and understaffing. I'm going to speak to the owners now-for the sake of your employees, and yourselves, please let your managers and supervisors run their store and trust them to be competent enough to do so.