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Jul 4 '18 at 4:34

Boomtown Bakery

Just wanted to share my experience at Boomtown on Sunday, July 1, 2018. I took my family to the casino, valeted my car and went to the buffet - $167 later we start to leave. I turned my valet ticket in and we wait, 10 minutes go by and the young man comes out and ask my name and what the keys look like. After giving the information we wait and finally a Security Officer named Josh asked me to come to the side and he explains that my keys are lost. After waiting for an hour he brings me a piece of paper with a report number and tells me that I should call on Monday and hopefully we can get this resolved. I asked him if there was someone watching my car since my keys were not in their possession and was told yes there is a security officer there. I told Josh that I needed to get Pop a Lock out there to get my 84 yr old mothers purse. He walks me over to the car, no security in sight, and the car is unlocked - the valet had left my car unlocked. I had to request that someone bring us to another location and get a vehicle, a man named Malik took us to my brothers truck and dropped us off. My brother was in the process of taking me home when the casino called and told me that my keys had been returned and I needed to come back and get my vehicle. When I returned to retrieve my keys I was told to go to the security office and when we went there two black suit gentleman tell me to go around the corner and pick up my keys at the glass window. I retrieve my keys and head out to my vehicle when I am stopped and told glad that everything worked out. I told the Security Officer to have his boss give me a call about the incident. He asked me why and I told him that the ball was dropped on several levels. My vehicle was left unlocked, my keys were lost, we sat in front of the casino for over an hour waiting ( my parents are in their 80's and it was over 90 degrees), they lied about having a person watching my vehicle, having to ask about getting a ride home, being made feel like we were inconveniencing the casino staff by wanting a ride, having to come back to the casino and get my vehicle instead of them bringing it to me, being told by Security to go get my keys from the window instead of my keys being brought to me, having to walk out to my car instead of my car being brought to me and the final straw was leaving four messages for Elbert Rogers and not getting a call for over 48 hours. When I finally did get to talk to Mr. Rogers his attitude about the incident was lets say less than what I was expecting, he explained that he was off on Monday and was aware of the incident. He was very unapologetic and told me that he is over security, valet, and another department and what did I expect him to do since we got our keys back. I told him that I know understand why his people were so unprofessional when they are lead by an unprofessional manager. If the General Manager would like to contact me that would be great, because as it sits now I will never set foot back on the property and will continue to climb the chain of command until someone who cares about how my family was treated at Boomtown Biloxi.