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I'd say 3 of every 4 jackpots I've hit have been more of a relief than an epic event as I thought before ever playing slots, winning would feel like. As is usually the case, and I'm not complaining, just stating what happens, I rarely hit a jackpot for over 1400, I think the average is in the 1200 range depending on my spin size, and I rarely hit a jackpot like this until I've put between $700 to $1500. In this case, I had put in $1000, and finally hit. Sometimes you don't get the big payback, so know which machines are on timers and which will probably pay you back as you continue to dump your savings in. So I walked away with $190 after waiting 25 minutes for my handpay and tipping the game guy who paid me out. I'll post some rare 3 and 4k hits that I was lucky enough to accumulate through a 135 free game run at Luxor. Which is where I am currently. About to go play my $175 fp. Hopefully I have something hot off the press to share.