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Jun 24 '18 at 7:33

Thunder Cafe

Not as good as it used to be if your only there to play slots. Service for drinks at The slots SUCKS. It literally takes hours for a waitress to come by and even longer to get one delivered. If you get it at all. Usually done with that game by the time they remember to bring you your soda or coffee. Oh but if your not playing with a players card they notice that right away and get right on it. Need change... Better get your hunting gear on cause busy or not them people are even harder to find. Mosie on over to the bar for an iced mocha. Might as well have ordered it from the waitress cause you just sent the last hour waiting for the bartender to notice your there. Oh wait... The 2 bartenders on duty look right at you. Again!!!! I must be wearing my cape makes me invisible cause there's no one else at the bar. Nope. As far as service it doesn't deserve the one start but I had no LOWER choice.