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Jul 8 '18 at 20:00

Scoreboard Sports Bar

Adam Weaver
Incredibly poor customer service. If you're a hotel guest, don't expect to enjoy the pool. They sell so many day passes to local residents that you won't find a chair or space to put your things if you get there from noon onward if it's a busy day. We spent the weekend a easily dropped $1000 on the room, food, drinks and concert tickets. If you are local and work on a Friday, get home, pack head over, check in and grab a bite hoping to watch the sun set by the pool, think again. They close the pool at "dusk" which basically means as soon as possible once it starts getting dark. Apparently they forgot it's a "resort". Then you wake up on Saturday grab breakfast, head to the pool, if the weather is nice, it will be PACKED!!! There won't be a single chair left by 11:30 or for the rest of the day. Last straw: if you buy a coffee at the coffee shop in the lobby and plan to go to the pool when it opens at 10 to enjoy your coffee and try to beat the crowd, NOPE. WRONG AGAIN! They don't allow "outside food or beverages" in the pool area. Doesn't matter that you bought the coffee in the lobby. In fact, there's a vending machine right by the door to the pool. If you buy a bottle of water there, you can't bring that into the pool area either. What kind of customer service is that? Zero!!! I had a reservation set up for this September, I cancelled it. I'll never spend another dime at a place where you are treated like cattle.