Village Seafood Buffet Village Seafood Buffet
Restaurant @ Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino
"Jay Shepherd"
Service was terrible. Sat at a table for four for a 2 party. Foreshadowing what was to come they didn’t even bother to remove the extra place settings. Even after we stacked em for them. 15 minutes in we hadn’t even seen our waiter or had a drinks order taken so had to ask the water girl to fetch someone. We got our drinks and meal order in and waited. Another 15 minutes and still no drinks or appetizers. We had now been there about 30 minutes with just water and the free starter. Just about to walk out when the order finally arrived. Appetizers and mains came at the same time. Still no drinks and no rice with the vindaloo and masala. Took about 5 minutes flagged down someone who appeared they were maybe a manager. Asked about our drinks and rice. Meal does not come with rice that’s extra. Unbelievable and has to be the first Indian place I’ve been to in the country where rice is extra. Normally they are delivering more rice than is humanely possible to eat. I digress they offered to comp the rice and the drinks which we still didn’t get until right as we were about to leave an hour from sitting down. Maybe this is an okay buffet place where rice is probably included and you don’t have to worry about service. Otherwise for dinner service stay away.