Pickles Pickles
Restaurant @ Bally's Atlantic City
"Olivia Hebblewhite"
If you're not a gambler, you're not worth it. At least, that's the welcome I received from this hotel when I was there. Everything smelled of cigarette smoke, there were zero couches or chairs in what I guess you could call a lobby (because why not when you have a casino?), and there were random pockmarks on the wall of my room as if someone had punched them. Even though the beds were comfy, there was no microwave in the room and no microwave at the front desk. The elevators were terribly maintained. On one elevator ride, the elevator actually dropped a few floors before it caught itself. It was terrifying. That's besides the fact that they made groaning noises each time you rode in them. The keys to the room and in the elevator worked half the time you used them.