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Jun 26 '18 at 0:16

The Watering Hole

We came here to give a new place a chance, we made our reservations a week in advanced only to be told after confirmation they don't have a casino, no big deal, walking distance to others. Before our stay i called to inform we will be checking in late. They told me "not a problem, drive safe", which i thought was reassuring. We pulled in about 1130 only to be told they don't have our room ready. We asked when will it be ready? "Sorry we don't have a room for you. Sorry, nothing we can do" front desk lady could not give us a straight answer and would deflect questions to a manager I'm guessing didn't exist because they couldn't give us a manager to talk to. Then changed reasons to an emergency which no one working there could give an exact answer to. We finally found a new place to stay only to find out pioneer has been over booking people and not giving any notice. We heard of 5 groups that night being turned away that ended up checking into same hotel as us. Don't take a chance on this place.