Cobey's Food Court Cobey's Food Court
Restaurant @ Arlington Park
"steve meinecke"
I have to say this is one of the best tracks in the United States when it comes to thoroughbred racing I want to thank my grandfather who is now since since passed away in 1995 for teaching me the sport of horse racing the only downfall is the purses are not as big as they used to be at one time if you want to get some bigger purses you need to go to the off-track betting that is behind the track one of my favorite tracks from the simulcast Center name of the track is called Mountaineer Park now this is a true story when I went to the off-track betting back in 2004 me and a good friend Jim bet it on a race at Mountaineer Park he put down he bet $10 and $15 and boy was I surprised the horses came in exactly that order trifecta oh my God Jim or done we're out of here I walked out with 1000 and my friend Jim got 300 and I told him we're done we're leaving right now and we did