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Aug 21 '14 at 3:08

DO NOT STAY HERE!! The website does not state that this place is over 10 miles off Interstate 90. It also didn't divulge that there was construction in the area with a detour that led us miles out into the boondocks. NO lights or signs anywhere to get you back to the town. It took us almost an hour to finally find the hotel. Upon entering, it seemed somewhat habitable but the lighting in the room was terrible and it wasn't until the next morning when I opened the curtains and light flooded the room that I saw how disgusting the place actually was. The tub had not been cleaned and still had soap residue on the walls along with hairs and dirt in the tub. There was a big mixture of dirt and hair near the sink and the bathroom floor had dirt and hairs on it as well. Also, there were multiple very visible cobwebs around the room. Thankfully, I had brought along Lysol wipes and was able to clean prior to us using the bathroom. Upon checking out, I told the lady at the desk of these problems and she seemed unconcerned. She told me I should have called the desk and they would have sent a maid up to clean. YEAH RIGHT! Like we wanted to wait around for a maid to show up and then clean. All we wanted to do was hurry up and get out of the place. The lady pulled up our info and said that because we had already gotten a discount on the room, she couldn't give me any compensation. It was pointless to argue with this woman who possessed a "could care less" attitude. While in that office I saw where the "breakfast" was--in a tiny alcove with not a single chair or table available to eat at. There was a juice dispenser but the coffee machine was not on, with no coffee or pot in sight. The food consisted of one choice of dry cereal (no milk), a couple of stale bagels and a few prepackaged danish. That was it! I didn't even take anything to eat or drink as it was probably as germ infested as the room was. Of course, the manager will see this review and apologize profusely and say that he will ensure better service or quality but, in reality, that won't happen. My advice--AVOID this place, like the plague!! This place doesn't even qualify for one star!