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Jul 15 '18 at 21:13

The Gold Rush Café

I use to love this casino. Today I walked in expecting to be hit with a blast of cool air. What hit me was warm air and cigarette smoke. I thought grab a quick bite and an hours worth of gambling. I had 50 on me and was going to pull another 100. The ATM wanted $3.95 almost 4.00 to gamble in their casino. I can't believe they have a stinking Denneys for an anchor restaurant. It is highly processed, glorified TV dinners, nothing but the poorest quality food on the market! No real choices there. The casino, besides be hot was filthy. The machines were dirty, empty bottles and glasses, ashtrays that were dirty. Just grungy. The odds on the machines are the worst!! Even to play it is the high end on every machine. I gambled 20 of my 50 and never got a hit that said stay and play. The lady going by saying, cocktails! Did not stop when my hand went up. I wanted a water. You might as well ditch her and have self serve stations, and those that want drinks can push the service button. She is a total waste of your money. I use to love this place, it had that old Vegas feel. Now it just feels old and worn out and dirty. Needless to say, I won't be back. There are too many choices! Even Indian Casinos are a huge step up!! With better odds! Better food!! Cleaner amenities!!