Briana Shackley
Fort Cheyenne Casino Fort Cheyenne Casino
North Las Vegas, Nevada
"Briana Shackley"
It's great if you like walking a mile to your car and have people selling you things like the people at mall kiosks while you're walking. The vending machine charges $3.00 for water. There is a 40$ resort fee per room, per night. The pool was always full. There were plates piled up along the wall for room service. The accommodations were small and basic and the air quality was poor inside the room. In full disclosure I am not a mega resort kind of person. It was impersonal and felt very much like you were overcharged for everything. I was also disappointed in the lack of actual pirate theme. They were really pushing their cowgirl themed bikini restaurant. The Avengers STATION was really awesome however. And my favorite part. Tickets for TI guests are buy one get one free (so only $50 for 2 adults) and again we ran into buy pictures for $15, buy this commemorative ticket for $5 , everything coats more kind of thing.