Parappa The Rapper
Winnemucca Inn and Casino Winnemucca Inn and Casino
Winnemucca, Nevada
"Parappa The Rapper"
It's a really mixed bag. In the end I don't feel I got what I paid for and I'll be staying somewhere else next time. Pros: - The bathrooms are great and clean, water pressure was fantastic. - Place is mostly very clean, no sign of bed bugs or fleas. - Good lighting and lots of outlets for devices. - Free Cable Television. -WIFI is complimentary, and has good bandwidth for what it is. Cons: *- A Casino/Hotel where coffee is not complimentary is mind boggling to me. - They did not provide any regular cups for drinks, just whiskey glasses. - Room was very uncomfortably hot no matter how low thermostat was turned down. - Bed was very stiff. - I put a "Do Not Disturb" sign on my door and housemaid tried to enter anyway in the morning. Good thing I bolt locked it. * - I want to emphasize I like my coffee a lot and the only coffee they have here is a Starbucks menu that you order at their liquor bar. A vending machine or anything would be better, but why on Earth would you not give free coffee to your gamblers at a casino? Don't you want them to stay awake longer and keep playing more?