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"Brian Selzer"
Started off by the way of the main entrance. Next I went and located players service, which heads up is marked by the word "cashier" . The next stop was to get the Marquee reward card. Fairly easy to get, make sure you have your unexpired state drivers license or state identification card with you at all times. Next the cheap games being the penny ones were a bit difficult to spot in the early moments. Best advice is the following: Walk around the entire casino floor, to get a grasp on the layout so you know which games you might want to play. Also locate the essentials, by that I am speaking, restrooms, drink stations, restaurants that are there. In addition make sure you are aware the kiosks are as there are several different ones, as well as an ATM. Once you have acquired the information keep that in the back of your mind and go be entertained responsibly. In addition you need to like walking, as their can be a lot of it. Before going you might want to take a couple of stretches. Overall it was a good time.