Adam Haas
Scoreboard Casino
Spring Creek, Nevada
"Adam Haas"
The beds we're small. I was forced to snuggle my wife, which normally would have been fine, but the beds we're small. Sure I could have paid for a bigger bed, but we was on a budget. It was hard to pass a $60+ night. Also, the food was delicious. I ordered the French toast, and while I'm confident it was made by American it was as French as it could be. I haven't been to France, so that's a bit of a guess here. The rooms were a bit small, but it did have an HDTV (only 720p), a microwave, and a fridge. The shower was... OK. No edge so the water would trickle into the main area by the toilet. Speaking of the toilet, the window by it revealed the hidden backside of the establishment. I don't know who he was (let's call him Tim), but he was just chilling with a cigarette under a "Like us on Facebook" sign. It revealed what many may not know about this place. That it's a facade of glitter and gold, but when a room is only $60, there isn't much to complain about. Also, pool was nice.