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Jul 9 '18 at 11:13
Two days golfing at Dakota Ridge this past week. While it is a beautiful, well kept golf course - it was impossible to enjoy. The bugs on the course were insane. Not sure if it was from the recent rainfall, but everyone I talked to complained about the bugs. The second issue was that the restaurant’s cooler broke down. The menu was limited. We ordered a Texas burger that was served with jalapeños. When the waitress brought the burger - no jalapeño. I asked her about it - she said sorry we are out of those. Maybe should have mentioned that before - just saying. My friend ordered the carrot cake which was served with a pina colada sauce. The waitress brought the cake and there was no sauce in it. My friend asked about he sauce - the waitress said they were out of the sauce. What???? Again she didn’t mention it before hand. Unfortunately, it was a very disappointing two days at Dakota Ridge.