Hash House A Go Go Hash House A Go Go
Restaurant @ The Quad Resort and Casino
"Gurp Dhanoa"
Bit of a chore to get into this place from the outside if you don't know where your going. Once in we were greeted kindly and seated. It was about 8:30 am, with a 3 min wait or so. I've visited this place before so I knew what to expect. The portions are massive so I knew to share a plate unless I wanted to take home the rest. Pot pie is the biggest plate on the menu. Buy it if your super hungry. The server told be she hasn't seen anyone finish it to date, it's that big. I ordered the crab benedict, I shared with my wife and we were both full. The service was great here I must say. When I was leaving there was a ton of people waiting to get in, I inquired about wait times and was told 30 min, so even if there is a lot of people they move people in and out quick. To wrap it up, food and service is great , large portions ... recommend.