Rhonda Person Wyatt
Aquasino Aquasino
Little River, South Carolina
"Rhonda Person Wyatt"
Nice hotel... service was good. The breakfast on the other hand l give it a one . Food was not good and the breakfast area was nasty .l chose a waffle beacuse the food container were mostly empty and coffee was empty all so. The counters was very nasty food spilled everywhere I gave it 2 because l am in the Hotel business myself and their are things that we can not control and although we get judge on things that as people that are in the Hospitality field that we have no control over such as Structure and wear and tare. Cleansing and food prep is what we can control . So the Manager on Duty needs to do a better job with check breakfast and making sure her employee that runs that area keep it full at all time neat and clean. Their should always be fresh coffee full at all times not just at breakfast time.