carla mourad
Oyster Bay Casino Oyster Bay Casino
Deadwood, South Dakota
"carla mourad"
Very disapointed with the service and the lies. I was told for the price I paid (not cheap) a 2 bedroom suite Pyrmont view and due to a special occasion I went for I would get an "upgrade" to city view. Was told both rooms have super king beds. Only one room was and second was a double so had to sleep on lounge cause my husband and I couldn't both sleep comfortably in the small bed. And the "city view was a view of another hotel and people in it. When I checked out this morning I wasn't even greeted on how my stay was and when I expressed my feedback not even an apology from the front desk or anything. Just asked if I wanted the manger to give me a call. After I paid I was not even told to have a good day or an apology. Very poor service compared too 2 years ago when I came and was treated with a smile. Now people work hard for their money like myself to enjoy a night that was booked 3 months in advance and was really a disappointment. I called to ask for the manger this morning and was told due to them checking out guests they can't answer my call and will call me back. How greedy I believe can you be to just wants people money instead of listening to people experience. Well at least James Packer continues getting money in and shows his staff how loyal they are to customers......