Virgil's Real BBQ Virgil's Real BBQ
Restaurant @ Atlantis at Paradise Island Resort and Casino
"Tony Nguyen"
If you're here just for the beach then yes this is the place with a relatively calm, warm and turquoise water. White sand beach, warm to hot weather with some tropical rain from a few drops to heavy downpour. The gym is clean and well equipped. Room with ocean view is really nice. Food is good but depend on the location, but all are very pricey, don't forget to try the ice cream inside the Royal tower, it's very good, we are there almost every night just for that. Now it comes to the service and staff, all 3 hotels the Reef, the Royal and the Coral are all 5 stars but i don't think the staff is trained for that service level if i don't want to say some are very rude and arrogant. They don't hesitate to give you some attitude in most case. I only there for the beach, foods and service level is nowhere near Hawaii. Be prepare for a deep pocket when it comes to the food. Great place for kids? Yes, especially with all of the water activities, just the service is not that good, yet.