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Nov 6 '18 at 15:44


Wayne Anderson
Great variety on the buffet, which I appreciated, given the price point is easily the best value in the hotel/casino. Even for the dinner buffet, at the higher price point, you will spend about the same per person at just about any sit down restaurant, outside of the food court. The buffet itself was varied, with Chinese, prime rib, various pork cuts, southern classics. Let's be honest, 80% of the buffet is cheap comfort food, and the other 20% is why most people come. The dessert bar is small, with a good but not great selection. You can tell between this and the pastry snack stop, that unlike some of its contemporaries, this hotel doesn't have a good pastry / dessert chef. Instead, the selections are easy cake or cream affairs. Best results are had by coming early after lunch or dinner food is set out - or to brave the line to eat at peak times. At peak times you may need to wait for some dishes but you are guaranteed a freshness by virtue of the high turnover.