Ashley Rosette
Emerald Island Casino Emerald Island Casino
Henderson, Nevada
"Ashley Rosette"
I’ve always had a pleasant experience eating at Emerald Island. My family and I would go there all the time, it was even my Great Grandma’s favorite place to go. I went into there today to enjoy some breakfast with my boyfriend and the hostess had told us that we are not allowed to eat there because we were not the age of 21, and we were not even allowed to enter the property. We have eaten here multiple times with no issues. We had to leave immediately. We went to Rainbow to enjoy breaksfast with no problems. We have also been to other restaurants in other casinos like El Dorado and never had a problem. The hostess at Rainbow even told us that we are allowed to walk through the casinos if we are just going to eat. My mom and I had encountered problems before and never complained. My mom had order an omelette and before she took and bite I had informed her that a medal screw was in her food. She was completely disgusted. Even after that experience we still went back. I am just furious at the moment with Emerald Island and I am not going back.