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Dec 13 '18 at 4:05

Slack's Oyster House & Grill

Very Unwelcoming! At my first and last time going there we purchased DD coffees to bring, but had to throw them out to enter. Shortly after, coming back from the airport, my son decided to stop and check it out. But the guard gave him the third degree - asking him his information and wanting his ID and to verify it or he could not enter. The guard said to him, "you can't just come walking in here like it is Twin River!". Such a hard time that my son decided to leave. Thinking, why am I going to give my money to a place that is treating me like this? (He couldn't even use the restroom!!!) I'm sorry Plainridge, but Twin River has it way over your place. You're casino is so tiny you can't even get a machine! Not worth the trip there - waste of gas and time! Twin River is much larger, plenty of machines, great bands and welcomes and treat their guests well...no shake up upon entering and you can bring your coffee in!