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Jul 27 '18 at 17:47

Café Colma

I went to play at a 1-1-2 game; was a bit nervous after being on sabbatical from poker for nearly 4 years, but after a while I got back into the groove although my chips were untidy. Played for about 2 hrs, won a small pot with AJo, then got a slew of bad cards, finally announced that this would be my last hand. Picked up AA (wow!). Everyone folded after the guy across from me dropped 25.00 and I was heads up. Flop hit with a K, figured he had Kx, but no KK. He dropped another 35, I called. My turn I dropped 40. His white chips shoved, he flipped with KA, and I beat him with AA. +92.00 !! Interesting place, fast paced, uses all $1 chips, the rest in $25. $200.00 max at at a 1-1-2