Stanley Ulrich
Hard Rock Casino Vancouver Hard Rock Casino Vancouver
Coquitlam, British Columbia
"Stanley Ulrich"
What is going on with this place? We walked in at 7pm on our way home from the airport. I've visited here twice before and had a good time. Tonight (Thursday) they were giving away thousands of dollars, but half the tables were empty...?!?! Our plan was to spend some time with some friends, so the four of us went to the buffet/lounge (was pretty good!). We were greeted with "questionable attitude" and didn't understand why - until later... A guitarist started playing, and was quite good too. BUT THEN, after he played for about 45 about nine o'clock, the servers told us "the buffet was closing and we had to go"....I don't understand. How people can be so inconsiderate and rude? Who is told to leave a place when they are having a good time? This place is open 24/7 isn't it? We weren't warned of any closing time when we paid for the buffet and sat down. Confused, we just looked at each other. Every table around us was told the same thing, and most people left. That's probably why we were greeted with a questionable attitude. Employees were like cold fish. Felt awkward. We stayed anyway and listened until about 9:30 - but by that time, it was deserted. They kicked everyone out?!? So we strolled over to see the show band, and we would have stayed and spent more money, but after that experience, we decided to leave, as they looked like they were going to close too. We just couldn't get into it. This place has so much potential with cool stuff to see. Too bad.