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Jan 5 '19 at 17:38

Garden Atrium Buffet

If I could write this review with zero stars, I would. This place is the absolute worst. The casino staff are extremely rude and unprofessional. My husband and I waited an extra hour in the morning to spend the food credit that we earned only to find out that something was wrong with the fryer. When we stated that we only wanted sandwiches, they couldn’t do that either. The reason behind it was because it wasn’t sanitary. They had “no water to clean with.” The waitresses rarely come around for drink orders, and if you want something simple, like a coke or water, they will direct you to a place to serve yourself. If you want an alcoholic beverage, you can watch them stand around and gossip for 15 minutes before someone finally makes a drink. One of the bartenders was extremely drunk and obnoxiously yelling out that she was going to beat the f*** out of someone. I can go on and on about the unpleasant experience and rude staff. There was one thing good about this place and it was the hotel bar. The guys there were so nice, the food came out quick, and after waiting 2 hours in the casino, we got to spend our food credit.