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Dec 29 '18 at 21:00

Stella's Cafe

What a very unfortunate first and last experience at Cafe Stella! My parents arrived in town late at night and we decided to go nearby for a night cap at Cafe Stella. My mom ordered an $18 glass of wine - It was a weak pour, but she didn't mind. When it came time to order another, my mom kindly asked that the bar tender give her a stronger pour. Keep in mind - my mom is a harmless, courteous, 60 year-old woman. To this request, the bar tender rudely snapped back "you can pay for that." My dad looked up at the bar tender and said "what?" with a sound of exasperation. To this, the bar tender put my Dad's cash on the table and refused to serve us another drink. Considering we were courteous customers making a very benign request (for an $18 glass of wine) you would think we would be treated a bit better. What a shame that my local bar has such rude staff - I will never be back and would never recommend Cafe Stella to a friend out of fear they may be treated as poorly as my family.