Nugget Buffet Nugget Buffet
Restaurant @ Wendover Nugget Hotel & Casino
"Bobby Walker"
Where to start!! The place is a joke!!! We use to love going there and got free rooms and meals all the time .. The machines paid good and had a blast . But this weekend we went for my wife's birthday and the room was 170.00 and wasn't worth 25.00!!! Floor had holes in it,the heater didn't work,elevator wasn't working!! Spent over 400.00 in the casino and didn't win anything!! Didn't hear of anyone else winning either!!! The buffet use to be decent but know is sucks!! Cooks have no idea how to cook half the stuff! The cafe has had half the menu taken away!! I wouldn't even give them a 1 star but it's the only way I could post!! You would think being a loyal customer for over 10 years they would contact you and make it right! But they will just probably just ignore this .