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Jan 20 '19 at 14:05

A Dam Good Deli

What a mistake to stop at this Dump call AC Deli in Tropicana, Atlantic City NJ. I get there no one around to attend you I see a guy mopping floor by next door bar I asked him anyone working here.He says I’ll be right there .I am watching him to see if he goes to sink to wash his hands NOPE he comes right to register to take my order which it was 2 sandwiches one roast beef , yellow A , tomato and mayo the other one for wife .Turkey ,Swiss , tomato& mayo . 1water . 1 Diet Coke total $24. I waited a few minutes on the side they make sandwiches put it in a bag I’ll take them we find a place to sit and eat them . When we open our sandwiches nothing but 2 thin slices of meat and 1 slice of cheese 1 slice of tomato cut in half No MAYO. I ate one half I was hungry .Took the other half walked to counter and showed the other half open to gentleman and told him u called this a sandwich you or your owner should be a shame to charge me $24 . I don’t care if u charged me $50. Per sandwich but make a real sandwich I threw it in garbage and walked away . Please people don’t ever order a sandwich from this Deli RIPPED OFFS. Horrible NO MEAT OR CHEESE .