Sandi's Snack Shop Sandi's Snack Shop
Restaurant @ Larry Flynt's Lucky Lady Casino
"Lisa Williams"
Fun place good atmosphere had a lot of fun my only complaint is we went for our first time and joined the Rewards Club and when you do that you are supposed to get $40 in free credit after receiving to scans in order to get a scan you have to be actively playing at one of the tables and they only come around about once an hour to scan the time that my friend and I went we happen to get our 2nd scan right around midnight and around that time their machines were froze up and didn't register our skin for over 45 minutes and finally we had to go to the concierge and have the lady reset the machine manually to pull up our scans so that we could get our free $40 credit but we want some money with the $40 credit so overall it was a really good experience. I will definitely go back