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Dec 19 '18 at 5:34

Big M Casino - Little River

****READ BEFORE GOING ON THIS BOAT**** If you board at 6:30 you don’t actually gamble until 7:30. Then all gambling stops at 10:30 and you sit around for an hour waiting to return to the dock. That’s due to laws and not the fault of the crew. The buffet is average and certainly not worth the price. My biggest problem with the trip was they want to charge you for pizza after gambling is stopped. You have already paid for the buffet so why charge again???? Be prepared to sit around board to death for an hour before and after gambling. I would not recommend this trip. Ann (Blackjack) dealer was exceptional in her job, and She made the experience better. They let one particular person drink to excess and he was yelling and cursing loudly. They should have cut him off. From what I understand he is a regular so they should have known about him and his behavior. Excitement is understandable but drunkenness and obnoxious behavior is unacceptable. I definitely would advise against this trip.