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Dec 2 '18 at 22:19

The Bistro Deck

My friends and I went on this cruise for a birthday celebration. Everything seemed alright at first. The food was good and the servers on the top deck were really friendly and helpful after we got sea sick. We had our heads down trying to sleep it off on the third deck when a customer came up and was talking to our waiter Joey who is white. The customer said "I am ready to get off I have a three hour ride back to Savannah." Joey replied "that must be nice." The customer said " no I hate it, it is full of N WORDS." Joey replied, "we got a couple of them right here but your good they are sleep so I don't think they can hear you", referring to my friends and I. I had my head down but I was not sleep so I heard the entire conversation. A women who I believe is the owner of the ship was sitting a few tables away while they had this loud conversation and I am almost positive she heard her employee and her customer refer to us as N WORDS. We still had two hours left on the ship so I did not confront anyone but that was the most traumatic 6 hours of my life. I do not recommend giving this establishment your money especially if you are a person of color. I am hurt and disappointed at my experience on this cruise.