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Dec 15 '18 at 4:29

Virgil's Real BBQ

We went with some good hopes that there would be some good BBQ in the area. How ever we were very dissappointed. For what I spent for two adults and two kids ($68) I would have rather spent extra money and drove up to Dinosaur BBQ. The flavor of the pulled pork and brisket were good and their sauces on the table were good as well. Their sweet tea was also really good, Brings me back to living down south where it’s the best. But that’s where the good part of the review ends. Service was sub par. The waitress came around to check on us but to get our food took way to long. Yes it was a Firday night but they were no where near full and not that busy that it should have taken as long as it did. We finally got our hushpuppies but when they came 5 out of 12 were hot the rest were not even room temp. The kids chicken tenders were chewy and the batter was soggy. For a kid to only eat one and half says something. My wife got the pulled pork sandwich but couldn’t eat it like a sandwich cause the bun was so soggy and greasy that just fell apart. I had the pick two pulled pork and brisket. The brisket was about 70% fat. Like I said before the flavor was good, but it wasn’t great bbq. The side of Mac and cheese was ok. Don’t even get the cheese grits, it had no flavor at all. The little thing of so called cornbread was a waste too. I know that I should have mentioned something to management about the issues but it took so long to get our food and everything that I was just ready to leave when done. All I can say it don’t waste your time and money here. We will not be back, and it’s such a disappointment too I really was hoping that it would have been so much better.