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Feb 24 '19 at 17:18

Vertigo Lounge

Stayed here because of the snow storm. Closer to drive to work than going all the way home. I used valet for my car cause why not. However I figured maybe they would close early so I asked first before giving them my car. The young man said they were open 24 hours. So I gave valet my keys. I went to retrieve my car in the morning and was told by the supervisor that I would have to retrieve my car myself because their graveyard shift called in. Now its 6am and I haven't gotten my coffee yet. So I repeated what she said to me with a hint of attitude. She said "yes, I'm sorry" but we can't predict things like this. Now why would you offer an amenity that you can't provide. Now here's the killer. The supervisor ended up going to get my car BUT SHE COULDN'T FIND IT. She had to go out there with security to find my car. BUT YOU WANTED ME TO GO OUT THERE AND FIND MY CAR. You work there!!! You should be able to find my car. Harrah's you officially lost my business. I'll just to Ameristar from now on.