How to Cruise Comped / Get a Free Cabin!

Every one loves getting free or complimentary things, and for the sea/ beach travelers out there, getting a free cabin on a cruise is a dream! But how do you do it if you're not famous, you're not just hitching along with someone else that paid for it, or you didn't just sneak on board the ship? Well this is where the cruise line's CASINO comes in to PLAY!

Casinos comp players! Comps or, in this example, a free cabin is basically a loan that a casino gives you that is expected to be payed back within the casino. Let's say you get a complimentary cabin on a nice cruise valued at about $1,000. The cruise line's casino needs to know that you are going to spend at least that much, to get their ROI. That number isn't based off of how much you win or lose though, just the amount you spend...So you play at a cruise line's casino to prove yourself as a player and then they send you offers so that you keep going back to them. There are certain segments that those offers based off of. 

Another metaphor for how comps work is credit. Everyone starts with no credit. They can borrow a little amount of money at first and then pay it back in order to get established overtime. Once they do that, they can start to buy nicer things and receive more perks. All that credit information is shared so that the individual can get what they want essentially. BUT in the world of casinos, they don't share any information with their competitors about how much you gamble or buy. So when you go to another cruise, you have to start at square one and pay full price until you are qualified. Players end up getting stuck going on the same cruise line over and over again because they don't want to start over.

That is the problem that URComped was created to solve. 

CEO of URComped, Craig Shacklett, states, "I used to work on a cruise, and on board there were people that cruised free because they had sailed with the cruise line before, gambled in the casino and received an offer. BUT, every cruise I'd have 10-15 VIP guests that I would host for, and on the same sailing, there would be just as many or more guests who had paid full price for their cruise and were gambling more than the people who were cruising free. So I thought there had to be a service for these players to prove them self and get comps at new casinos they haven'y played at before."

So how URComped works is when players get offers from cruises they have played on, they sign up for free on and upload pictures of the offers. The player answers a few questions about where they play, what is their tier status, and how they play. Then, they are matched with offers within their segment, that they qualify for, so they can book a trip somewhere new! After their first trip, URComped receives a report from the casino about how they played on board(Actual Play). The player's account gets updated with that trip information and then they get even more offers at different properties! Read more about How URComped Offers Work and Where They Come From.