How do I determine what I have to play to get comped?

The current casino rate you will receive your room at is ~25% off standard room rates after taxes and fees. This rate does not include any packages or deals, just the room rate based on the room category.  You can go to their website, make sure the standard rates menu is up, put in your dates, go through to checkout to see the final total with taxes and fees, subtract 25% from that total to determine your discounted casino rate.  (This does not include the optional all-inclusive rates- Learn more about adding all-inclusive rates to your stay total.)

Based on your play during your trip, you can earn additional comp credit towards the cost of your stay.

Click the comp calculators below to find out the average play per day required to earn that amount of comp towards the end of your bill:












*These comp amounts are based on average daily play for a 4-night trip.  For example, click the $1000 link and it will show you a play daily target that, if hit, will earn $1000 off the bill at check out at the end of a 4-night trip.