Craps Cruise 4 - The Halloween Edition!

Enjoy Complimentary or Discounted Stateroom from one of the Hot Sailing Promotions by Royal Caribbean and URComped!

What's Included
  • Meet and Greet
  • Cocktail Reception

Enjoy from discounted fare to complimentary stateroom for qualified players!

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Get ready to Rock and ROLL this Halloween!

This 4th Craps Cruise, part of the Hot Sailings promotion, was designed and crafted for all our valued cruisers!

Meet, Party and Win BIG at the casino together with other URComped members and URComped CEO, Craig Shacklett!

Creeepy Crawly Craps, Devilish Dice, Giant Jackpots, and Spooky Slots...This cruise is sure to be a THRILL! Bring your costume for more fun on the cruise. This Meetup sailing goes to Port Canaveral, Perfect Day at Coco Cay, and Nassau!

The URComped Craps Cruise will include Meet and Greet Cocktail reception, casino promotions, hot seats, private and Group coaching sessions in the Axis Power Craps method with Steve "Heavy" Haltom*, and more!!

P.S. Don't worry, if you Don't play craps it will still be a BLAST. The URComped family is a fun and friendly group of casino playing cruisers, so don't miss this chance to connect and have a ton of fun! 

For optional Craps Seminar at Sea sessions with Steve "Heavy" Haltom, see below.

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2020 Hot Sailings by Royal Caribbean and URComped

Hot sailings are one of the most sought-after cruises that Royal Caribbean in partnership with URComped promotes. These sailings are not your average offer and do not happen very often. Grab one of these sailings now and experience the beauty of every destination you discover!

Experience Royal Caribbean - Cruise Vacation Made for Maxing

Vacation time is precious - make every moment memorable. Royal Caribbean takes you to more unforgettable shores, from bucket list-worthy spots to game-changing private destinations. All on the best cruise ships in the world.

Cruising - Something for Everyone

Royal Caribbean is committed in delivering great service to everyone. Royal Caribbean is aware that cruses are more fun when everyone enjoys the ride. Every cruise ship is built with state of the art technology and undergoes extreme modernization so every guest ensures a fun, relaxing and enjoyable getaway while onboard. Royal Caribbean is known to deliver great family getaways designed to wow guests across multiple generations. 

Craps Cruise IV- Seminar at Sea

Craps guru, Heavy, will be teaching three Master-Level craps classes on this cruise.  On the first At-Sea day, he’ll be teaching a three-hour Advanced Dice Setting and Dice Control class.  Imagine walking up to the table knowing you’re one of the best shooters in the casino.  You have an edge on almost every table on the layout.  That’s what you’ll learn in this class - the best dice sets and the correct mechanics of the toss to enable you to gain that edge and walk away a winner. 

Have you ever colored up for a two hundred dollar win after a monster hand, while the guy, two players down from you, cashed in for a couple of thousand?  Since you both bought in for about the same amount, did you wonder what he did differently?  That’s what we'll teach you in the Advanced Betting Strategy Session on the second At-Sea day.  You’ll learn the press moves that get the money and the money management moves that get it off the table. 

Do you think you have all of the above down and just want to spend some time at the table with Heavy in a small group setting to get a toss tune-up?  Maybe you have a few lingering questions about the game you'd like to have answered by an expert.  Or perhaps you signed on for the first two sessions and you just want a little more table time to practice what you learned in the earlier classes.  The "you set the itinerary" group session on the last At-Sea day is the place to get that done. 

Class sizes are limited to eight players each in ALL sessions.  Tuition is $299 for one session.  $539 for two sessions.  $789 for all three sessions.  

You can sign up by going to  (Please indicate what class(es) you are signing up for.)

This offer expired 11/17/2020

How to Get Comped

To request a URComped offer, follow the steps below:

  • Click 'Claim Offer'
  • Login or Create free URComped account to complete trip request*
  • We may ask for additional information, if needed, to pre-qualify you against the requirements set by the casino for this offer.
  • Trip request is then submitted to casino for final approval.
*Players requesting their first URComped trip will be required to upload images of valid casino offers to pre - qualify. The URComped team is excited to work with you!

Fine Print

Rated play from previous trips with this casino, any of the casino’s affiliated brands, or from previous URComped trip(s) will initially be used to determine if a player qualifies for this offer.

If there is no tracked play history with the casino or URComped to consider, qualification for this offer will be evaluated based on one or more of the following:

  • Images of complimentary cruise offers directly from the cruise line’s casino department.
  • Comp cruise certificates offered from land-based casinos. *An invitation to a certificate event at a casino can be accepted in lieu of the actual certificate.
  • Images of complimentary room + free play offers from land-based casinos.
  • Play history provided by Player’s casino host
  • Offer is for new booking only. changes to a current booking will be subject to a $200 change fee as well as additional fees or lost deposits resulting from canceling the previous reservation.

URComped can generally pre-qualify players based on offer images within 2 business days (and often within a couple of hours).

Not everyone that requests an offer will qualify. The qualification criteria for this offer is set by the casino, not URComped. All requests are subject to final approval by the casino.

All offers are based on availability and subject to change without notice.

Frequently asked questions about Royal Caribbean

Receiving Offers From URComped
If I have a cruise booked with Royal Caribbean, can I also have a cruise booked with Celebrity?

The answer is YES. The only exception is if it's your very first trip with URComped, then you have to typically complete your first trip before you can book another trip. If you've taken a trip with URComped, you're verified as a player, then you can book a trip with Celebrity Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean simultaneously.

Casino Comping
Does Royal Caribbean and Celebrity have the same play criteria for comps?


No, but it does depend on the market dynamics like in anything. There are different factors that could cause the price of a certain sailing to go down or up. Typically Celebrity cruises are a little more expensive and so criteria is a little bit higher. But sometimes, like when the Celebrity Edge first launched, we got some amazing offers. The criteria is pretty similar but Royal Caribbean is a little bit more aggressive.

If you are a URComped member, will you receive offers from Royal Caribbean?

We don't want players to feel like they're missing out on offers so if you're a URComped customer, you have access to all of our offers, and all the Casino Royale offers. Part of the confusion comes from the fact that the Club Royale offers come through our website, instead of the Casino Royale website. Royal Caribbean gives us the criteria and has us market their offer for them. It is the exact same offers that are on their website, and there are some cases where we can even get the player a better offer.

Royal Caribbean is continuing developments on their end, so that URComped players will even see those offers Casino Royale's website. With that all being said.. You have all the offers available to you from Royal Caribbean and more!

You are in a better place because you're working with URComped. 

Learn more about active vs inactive players.

Direct Offers from Club Royale for URComped Members

As we are growing, our partnerships are as well. Starting this month you will start seeing the Club Royale (Royal Caribbean) offers not only on the URComped website but also when logged in on Royal Caribbean's website. You will even begin to get mailers and emails from them! Reach out to your URComped Host to BOOK! 

How do I get onboard credit on my next cruise on Royal Caribbean?

In the past, you could book your next cruise onboard, but then if you were getting that sailing comped, the extra onboard credit that the next cruise would offer would disappear. That recently changed! 

Now I recommend to go ahead and book the "Next Cruise" with your cruise offer and choose the "book later" option. So while onboard your next Royal Caribbean sailing, go to the "Next Cruise" office and book the cruise, BUT book it under the "book later" option. Then you put down a $200 deposit, then you have 2 months to pick your sailing. Then you will get up to $600 onboard credit as a perk for booking onboard.

During that 2 months' time, you have to choose your cruise and you can work with URComped. Look at your cruise certificate for some cruise options. URComped is going to receive your play ratings and we've got a whole bunch of other sailings that we can offer you and find the best option with the best comp for you. Plus you've got the onboard credit!

So again, in the past, you could not combine a casino offer with the perks for your next cruise, BUT NOW YOU CAN  by using the "book later" option onboard. You have two months to figure out exactly what cruise you want. And now you will have the onboard credit from putting the $200 deposit down with "Next Cruise."


How does Royal Up work? How do they decide who gets an upgraded cabin?

So let's say a Junior Suite is sold out on one sailing and people get an email that says "hey Royal Up bid on a Junior Suite."

Those Junior Suites may be currently sold out but Royal is covering themselves in case there are last-minute cancellations. Then when one of those Junior Suites is canceled, Royal Caribbean now has all these bids that are waiting. For example, a passenger in a balcony might bid $100 to upgrade to a Junior Suite. A passenger in an Oceanview bid $100 to upgrade to a balcony. A passenger in an inside paid $100 to upgrade to an ocean view. So if a Junior Suite cancels, rather than that cabin be empty, Royal Caribbean's got $300 lined up because they just bumped everybody up one cabin category due to that Royal Up.

Sometimes there is inventory and they just create a type of auction and whoever bids the highest gets that room.

With that being said, right now, the offers are really aggressive. If you're already booked, I would highly, highly recommend putting the lowest bid possible on the Royal Up, because then you've got an excellent shot of being moved up to that next cabin category.

Booking Trips
Loyalty Levels
Is there reciprocity between Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises?

Royal's Crown and Anchor Society offers reciprocity with Celebrity's Captain's Club. Please note that Casino Royale does not currently offer status match/ reciprocity with Celebrity's Blue Chip Club. For more information on reciprocity between brands, please visit:

What holidays do blackout dates include for the annual tier benefit cruise?

Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
New Years
President’s Day

Requesting Drink Package for Royal Caribbean Reservation

Royal Caribbean is not able to comp or add drink packages for RCL reservations-- at most, they will add TTO Prime for players that qualify for this on the first sailing, and then Prime has to be earned by achieving 2500 points in the casino within the annual tier benefit year. 

While On Board
What do you do with points earned in Royal Caribbean's Casino?

Let's say you're racking up the points on Royal Caribbean trying to get a cruise certificate (Inside cabin= 2400 pts.) Not only do points earn you a cruise certificate, but they can do even more! There are 2 options: 

You can either download them for credits on a slot machine, or you can see the casino host before the end of the cruise, and when they run the report on the last day, they will apply those points towards your folio. The value of the points is 2 cents per point when it comes to comp or slot dollars.

Already Booked Trips
How does Royal Caribbean's "Lift and Shift" work?

The "Lift and Shift" program allows guests to move their existing booking to next year, protecting their original price and promotion.  Lift & Shift is available by selecting a future sailing on the same itinerary type, sailing length, stateroom category, and within the same 4-week period of their original cruise date same-time-next-year.  It is not required to rebook on the same ship or ship class. Guests are eligible to rebook under the Lift & Shift guidelines between now and August 1, 2020. After this point, Lift & Shift expires and is no longer eligible. You can opt to Lift & Shift only one time.   

The lift and shift program won't apply to most casino reservations. It is more of a promotion for retail/standard reservations. Depending on the offer code that was used on a casino reservation will determine the eligibility for this program. Please reach out to your URComped Host to see if your reservation qualifies.   

Read more here:  

Terms & Conditions
Updated Terms & Conditions

NOTICE: Prior to booking, please consult all applicable U.S. Centers for Disease Control travel advisories, warnings, or recommendations relating to cruise travel, at If a certain threshold level of COVID - 19 is detected onboard the ship during your voyage, the voyage will end immediately, the ship will return to the port of embarkation, and your subsequent travel, including your return home, may be restricted or delayed.

Health and safety protocols, guest conduct rules, and regional travel restrictions vary by ship and destination and are subject to change without notice. Due to evolving health protocols, imagery and messaging may not accurately reflect onboard and destination experiences, offerings, features, or itineraries. These may not be available during your voyage, may vary by ship and destination, and may be subject to change without notice.

What are Non-refundable rates on Royal Caribbean

These are lower rates on Royal Caribbean, but the deposit is non-refundable beginning 24 hours after payment. The "refundable" is 100% refundable deposit up until the option date.

Travel Requirements
What happens if I test positive for COVID-19 right before my cruise?

The guest should reach out to the RCCL service department by phone, to notify the sailing about the positive test result. Club Royale individual service can be reached at (888) 561-2234 Monday - Friday 8AM - 10PM & Weekend 9AM - 5:30PM(est). After hours the guest can contact the RCCL general service line (800) 205-9812 open all days 7AM - 2AM(est).
As part of our protocols that have been developed in partnership with local governments and agencies such as the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, if a positive test result is received during the boarding process, RCCL is unable to allow that guest to sail. As a result, Royal Caribben will provide the guests with a full refund of cruise fare paid.

How does "Next Cruise" and "Rack up the Rewards" work on Royal Caribbean if I am Comped by the casino/ URComped?

“Rack Up the Rewards” is a great program by Royal Caribbean that provides casino players who earn a certificate onboard with additional benefits on their next Royal Caribbean cruise. To receive those benefits, you need to make your reservation or do the “Pay Now Book Later” option at the NEXT CRUISE desk onboard the ship BEFORE you depart. 

We recommend the “Pay Now, Book Later” option with Next Cruise, as oftentimes your play on the last day of the cruise will result in a better or higher certificate, which you can see in your Royal account portal within 48 hours after your sailing ends. With that being said, you don't have to have a physical certificate to go to the Next Cruise desk and do the “Pay Now, Book Later” option.
 Check your account at

If you do the “Pay Now, Book Later” option, you have 30 days (formerly 7 days) from the end of your cruise to choose a sailing on your certificate that you would like to book. If you don’t like any of the options on the certificate, your “Pay Now, Book Later” deposit can be used towards any cruise that you book within 12 months. (must book within 12 months or the deposit is lost)

Please keep in mind This is a promotion, not a card benefit. This promotion can vary by ship itinerary and may change monthly and discontinue at any time. Please note that a better or higher certificate is not an additional certificate and will replace the lower offer previously given.


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