MS Bahamas Celebration
Riviera Beach, Florida
Had heards rumors about this 2 day cruise ever since moving to Palm Beach County in 2007. Finally went on it and there were alot of things that were worth it. The food is SUPERB and, apparently, neverending...there is a buffet from 6:30 AM all day with breakfast lunch and you get a seated dinner, too. There is always pizza and a burger/hot dog buffet out by the pool. The main pool was a little small, but, in general, you get alot for your money. Food really was excellent, fresh, well prepared, delicious, abundant, and varied. This cruise is very reasonably priced. There are alot of details they don't tell you when you book it and it's best to know everything before you get on. One thing I thought was really peculiar was that on a cruise that only goes back and forth between Port of Palm Beach and Bahamas, there were basically no English speaking Americans or Caribbeans working on the ship. The staff seemed to be mostly Phillipino and Hispanic, most not clear English speaking which made me uncomfortable. This was top notch in alot of ways, though.