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This review is for Mr. Frank J. Del Rio CEO Norweigian Cruise Lines Dear Sir, My Husband and I are bronze latitude members.(230206627and 223723919.) We recently celebrated our 50th Wedding Anniversary,My daughter and her husband gave us the 11 days Western Meditterrean Cruise from Feb. 3 to Feb.14., round trip from Barcelona. The reason for this particular cruise was because we both wanted to go to Rome and what better way to do it than to take this Norweigian cruise. While on board, we were told the our shore excursion on Feb. 10th will not include a visit to St. Peters Basilica while the cost of 299.00 per person still remained charged. That was disappointment no1. So we decided to cancel that costly excursion and opted for a less expensive tour only to find out that we were not going to get credit for the cancellation but will instead receive an onboard credit, which we had to spend on board. That was disappointment no.2. Finally as we were ready to disembark in Civitavecchia, we were told that due to weather conditions, the Ship will not stop in Rome, but will instead proceed to Livorno.. Disappointment no.3. So,even if we enjoyed our cruise, we were not able to see Rome which was the object of our Anniversary cruise. My husband and I then decided to tell you all about our experience as loyal Norweigian customers, we feel we were cheated out of our Anniversary. Still, as loyal Norweigian Cruisers, we used a portion of our nonrefundable credit to book a future cruise.. I felt very disappointed as this cruise went so we did not enjoy it as we did the previous times we sailed with you. We are hoping to have a better and more enjoyable cruise when we sail next. I hope you will find our experience to be useful to you in future and hope that feedback from loyal cruisers will mean something to you Sincerely, Danilo and Milagros Orquiola