Ultra New Town Tavern Ultra New Town Tavern
Las Vegas, Nevada
This is a nice Boston style restaurant with a very good sport bar with nice environment. Their waitress and the majority of the STAFF are good and very efficient when we talk about service and attention. Despite the fact that we have spent more than $100 bucks becasuse we where having a good time, I have to deduct two stars from the five because one simple and last detail, that the music man they have on February 26, 2016 even the music were going well but he was very rude and disrepectful with my wife and her best friend after they ask him just because he didn't played one song that they asked him about an hour ago. I realized later by the time that we were leaving and I alert to one of the security staff and to the waitress him self, that by the way he was very good and attentive with us that night, for what the music man have done by not playing one simple song. If what has happen was that he didn't have the song that the ladies were asking for, it would be more simpler to say that he didn't have that song and problem solve. But apparantley he is just a frustrated singer or musician because he just started to attack the ladies for reason when they just were asking for something that he was been pay for. My advise to the manager is to get another music man that know how to deal with humans and that treat ladies with respect. I bet there is a bunch of other good music men around here.