Denny's Denny's
Restaurant @ Casino Royale and Hotel
I don't know why they have a 3.5, my experience and my coworkers is over a thousands of millions of an awesome experience, we are calling the Corporate office to report what an wonderful experience we had. Ok my experience, down for a mini vacation walked over from the hotel Stratosphere, they were crowded line to the door they said a 15 minute wait I sat on the booth like seat and waited, the greeter responded to a a question I ask an continued to interact with us she even pulled tables together to accomdate groups, they called us what seem like 5 minutes, omg the server Kae, was AWESOME to the billionth power she took our order made us aware it would be a minute the kitchen was real busy I was like we assumed that are you ready for this our food less than ten minutes I ordered t bone steak well done grits and scrambled eggs with cheese blueberry panvakes, ok that's a lot but I left her a oil tip 20$ truth she deserves 100, she refilled removed plates brought me more grits upon request. This place ewad totally awesome and is a must when I visit Vegas again!!!!!@