Restaurant @ The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
A group of 8 went here on 2/7/16 after the super bowl. The food was absolutely fantastic but our waiter and service was by far the worst I or anybody I was with had ever dealt with in our life. Our waiter was Mike. Dark hair and of Asian descent. He hardly explained the menu to us, said at first that we could not split the checks then changed his mind about splitting checks but could only do it at the end and completely messed everything up. After our meal, he told us he needed "15 minutes" to do so and then proceeded to go take another table of 8 order before returning our check to us approximately 25-30 minutes later than when we first asked for our check. We asked to speak to the manager and the manager went to go speak to Mike and he proceeded to tell his manager that he had it under control, which was clearly not the case. ( the manager relayed this message to us) Once our checks were ready (or so we thought) he literally came to the table with the pile of receipts threw it in the center and walked away without saying a word to any of us. He made no effort to explain or hand out individual checks to the guests in the group and didn't even make sure they were split up correctly with the correct drinks, appetizers, or dinners. The group of 8 of us agreed that we were never treated so poorly by and waiter in a restaurant as we were that night. Mike was an absolule HORRIBLE server. He lacked professionalism in every aspect and was not accommodating in any respect. I hope he doesn't treat all of his tables with the horrible service that he displayed to us. Mike should be let go from STK immediately as I would be embarrassed to know as a owner/manager of a family run business that I employed somebody so rude to guests at my restaurant. It's a shame because the food was delicious and the atmosphere was amazing but we were all EXTREMELY DISSATISFIED WITH THE SERVICE WE RECEIVED.